About Dave

My name is Dave and I travel for my job and also for vacations too 🙂

When I’m out traveling I try and go out after work and check out as much of the local area as I can, when I can.  I’ve seen a lot over the years.

I enjoy photography and wanted to share what I’ve seen during my travels. I hope you enjoy it. All photos and videos are my original work unless otherwise noted in a photo credit (such as the one below).

Included with my love of photography and travel is food, I like to cook a lot and try a lot and I’m always hungry for more.

That’s something that my travel hero and inspiration, Anthony Bourdain would say…

Needless to say a lot of my inspiration to get off my ass and get out and see more of the world when I can came from watching his shows. Thanks Tony!

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 1.07.17 PM
Pboto Credit: Travel Channel

Cheers and thanks for reading my travel blog!