Huntington Beach, CA

March 2020

Huntington Beach California.

Used to live about 15 miles from Huntington Beach and as a kid took the bus often during the summers to head to the beach with my boogie board to hang out in the surf and sand with friends all day.

HB has a beautiful beach front with lots of really nice restaurants, bars and shops.

If there’s any place in California I would recommend people visit – it’s Huntington Beach, that town really represents the state and it’s laid back surfer image.

Main street is a great walk, grab some food, beer and afterwards head down to the beach and pier to walk around and hang out for a while to enjoy the scenery.

Here’s a few videos I made from a trip there a few years ago.

This is a fun video of the local surfers, who are pretty damn good.

For more info about Huntington Beach check out the city website


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