Cross Country Road Trip

October 2022

This past October we did a five day drive cross country.

Almost 2500 miles, saw beautiful scenery along the highways from northern Nevada thru Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and finally to Georgia.

The cross-country drive east starting along America’s loneliest Road Highway 50 is spectacular, wide open, and way out there in the middle of nowhere.

The scenery in Northern Nevada, Utah and Colorado was beautiful in the fall with all the snow. We crossed several mountain ranges including the Rockies.

Once reaching the great plains of eastern Colorado and into Kansas, it was windmills and farmland the rest of the way until reaching the greenery and trees of Kentucky that continued all down into the south and Georgia.

We hit some winter weather the first few days getting a lot of snow or rain, depending on our elevations at the times while driving across the flats and over mountain ranges all along the way in the three western states.

After reaching Kansas it was just occasional rain here and there.

The fall colors were spectacular and really grew more and more noticeable as we got into Colorado. The colors in Tennessee were outstanding too.

It’s great to drive across the country and see America from the ground. Highly recommend everyone do it at least once in their life.

Fall was definately great time to do this drive this time around.

Here’s our entire five day trip in 10 minutes.

Thanks for watching!


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