Stone Mountain, Georgia

January 2023 It was an overcast cold and chilly Saturday, my daughter and I decided to risk the rain and go for a nice hike for the day. We headed north of Atlanta for about an hour to Stone Mountain to hike up to the top. This is the only mountain around for miles and…

Cross Country Road Trip

October 2022 This past October we did a five day drive cross country. Almost 2500 miles, saw beautiful scenery along the highways from northern Nevada thru Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and finally to Georgia. The cross-country drive east starting along America’s loneliest Road Highway 50 is spectacular, wide open, and way out…

Two years later

January 2022 It’s been almost two years now since the Corona Covid-19 Pandemic hit the world. I was traveling to Chicago the day the USA got shut down. The Casino I was going to work at was one of the first types of businesses closed. My boss had me stay at the airport after arriving…

Memphis TN to Sharpsburg GA

Today’s travels Had some fun tracking todays travels with the app Relive. Started from my hotel in downtown Memphis driving my rental car to the Memphis airport. From there flew to the Atlanta airport then from there got an Uber ride home. Ready for the weekend, cheers!

Georgia Thunderstorm

Spectacular thunderstorm blew thru our area early this morning, turned night into day with a great light and sound show. Love the sound of thunder cracking in the sky, crank up the volume.

Cotton Pickin’ Fair, Gay GA

October 2018 I can now say I’ve really been to the Cotton Pickin’ Fair which held every year in May and October in the small town of Gay Georgia.

Road Trip to Tennessee

March 2018 This month marks one year that I’ve been living in Georgia since moving from California, and it’s been great, I still really enjoy living here. That all said, this week I took my first road trip on the east coast to my next work site. I drove from my house in Georgia heading…

Motorcycle Ride, LaGrange GA

February 2018 This weekend I finally had some time to fire up my motorcycle and go for a real ride. For the first time since I moved to Georgia, I went on a 100+ mile motorcycle ride. Heck, I just realized, this is actually the first “big” ride I’ve ever done on the east coast.