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How Much Sugar Really Is in Food?

Good article from Gizmodo Sugar is sweet, sugar is delicious, sugar is lovely but sugar can be so terribly bad for you. How much sugar is in foods and drinks you love? Like a soda or orange juice or cereal or even baked beans?… Continue Reading “How Much Sugar Really Is in Food?”

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Today we are cooking the traditional Christmas turkey dinner with all the fixings. It’s one of our most favorite meals of all time. We start off prepping a few side dishes consisting of mashed potatoes, sweet yams, glazed carrots, and a homemade sausage stuffing.… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas Everyone!”

Cooking with Spices

Spices for taste Spices are what make our food preparations better tasting – the mixtures and results are the science of culinary art. There are so many flavors, hot, sweet, salty and more. The mixtures and concoctions of spice blends are endless. Wikipedia has… Continue Reading “Cooking with Spices”

A must read article about the “new” cookbook bible

You must read this great article written by Sara Fuss of Shine Yahoo, entitled “The rarifed world of Modernist Cuisine“. Click on the article (link below) to read a very good description of the book set,  then be sure to click on each of… Continue Reading “A must read article about the “new” cookbook bible”

The Game-Changing Cookbook

Nathan Myhrvold’s 2,400-page ‘Modernist Cuisine’ upends everything you thought you knew about cooking Here’s the recipe for the most astonishing cookbook of our time: Take one multimillionaire computer genius, a team of 36 researchers, chefs and editors and a laboratory specially built for cooking… Continue Reading “The Game-Changing Cookbook”