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New site!

Hi! I’m moving this site and several other of my sites and blogs all into a single web blog called Please check it out and sign up for new notifications when you can. Thank you very much for taking the time to check… Continue Reading “New site!”

Worthy Imperial IPA Beer

While working in Oregon staying in Bend I found a great beer I liked one day while out shopping at a local grocery store.     This beer is an Imperial Indian Pale Ale made by Worthy Brewing in Bend Oregon. The bottle label states… Continue Reading “Worthy Imperial IPA Beer”

Canteen Brewhouse, Albuquerque

While on a trip working out in the southwest state of New Mexico, I met up with a  co-worker who works remotely and lives in the nearby area, for lunch one day in the city of Albuquerque. My co-worker had recommended we meet up… Continue Reading “Canteen Brewhouse, Albuquerque”

Franklin BBQ, Austin Texas

There’s BBQ, then there’s GREAT BBQ.  Franklin BBQ at 900 E 11th Street in Austin Texas is legendary for it’s famous smoked BBQ Brisket and Ribs and they are in the list of top 50 best BBQ’s in the world. Click below for short clip… Continue Reading “Franklin BBQ, Austin Texas”

Sandwich Goodness

A simple sandwich with few ingredients, which must be fresh, makes for a great lunch both at home and when traveling. Had this sandwich below at an Italian deli in London. Fresh sourdough baguette, parma ham, fresh tomato and lettuce – very tasty!

L’Orecchietta, London UK

Yes more pizza. I stopped by this bar/restaurant a few times for lunch while working down the street in London. At first appearance it did not look like they would have good food here, it was a dark, subdued bar, but they had plenty… Continue Reading “L’Orecchietta, London UK”

Yard Pizzeria, London UK

After work, on another hunt for a local restaurant in London, I went searching for a few highly rated places to have dinner.  Unfortunately the first one was so crowded there was a line out the door and down the block – damn they… Continue Reading “Yard Pizzeria, London UK”

Fish Central, London UK

On my first night in London, I was beat. After a long 25 hour day of traveling (from the time I left my house until I arrived at my hotel in London), I was beat and ready for dinner. I knew of a couple… Continue Reading “Fish Central, London UK”

House of Bols Experience, Amsterdam NL

While visiting a few art museums I found this place across the street and had to check it out…. House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience A visit to The House of Bols, Cocktail & Genever Experience on the Museumplein square in Amsterdam, is a… Continue Reading “House of Bols Experience, Amsterdam NL”

Stock Cafe, Amsterdam NL

Fresh Mint Tea At an outdoor cafe in Amsterdam

Lunchcafe Blom, Amsterdam NL

One day for lunch I walked thru the streets for a while before I came upon a cafe who’s entire front of the restaurant was opened up making it a sort of inside/outside restaurant which was cool to see and made for a nice… Continue Reading “Lunchcafe Blom, Amsterdam NL”

Sandwich Simplicity at its finest

One of the things I found I enjoyed the most while traveling in Europe, was a simple deli sandwich. What made them exceptionally good was the fact that everything was very fresh, especially the baked breads.  A good fresh sourdough baguette always makes for… Continue Reading “Sandwich Simplicity at its finest”