Memphis TN to Sharpsburg GA

Today’s travels Had some fun tracking todays travels with the app Relive. Started from my hotel in downtown Memphis driving my rental car to the Memphis airport. From there flew to the Atlanta airport then from there got an Uber ride home. Ready for the weekend, cheers!

Flying from Atlanta to NOLO

My favorite airline seat that I almost always request is the aisle seat. Getting a middle seat is my worst nightmare, Iโ€™m a tall guy, the middle seat is not good for me. However, getting a window seat is to me like being a kid on a ride at Disneyland. Staring out the window, seeing…

Airport breakfast

Traveling all the time I find myself having breakfast or lunch at airports very often. For breakfast I found I tend to like panini sandwiches best. Today at the Sacramento airport I had a egg and cheese panini and it was good.