Urban Dog & Sausage

Urban Dog & Sausage

Located at 424 E. Bidwell in Folsom, this restaurant specializes in hot dogs, sausages, burgers and beef.

Urban Dog & Sausage has got a festive industrial meets neighborhood ambiance with plenty of tables and a very friendly staff. You select your dog off the chalk board, place your order at the counter and select your table and wait for one of the most tasty hot dogs you’ve ever had. Beer and wine is also available, including one of my favorites on tap: Shocktop

Below are a few selections from the menu, many of these are very creative concoctions. All dogs are the best brand on the planet – Vienna Beef.

The Chicago Dog $3.39
Frankfurter, yellow mustard, onions, neon relish, tomatoes, pickle, sport pepper, poppyseed bun, and celery salt

The Coney Dog $3.69
Frankfurter, meat sauce, yellow mustard, onions, poppyseed bun

Da Capone $3.79
Frankfurter, pastrami, yellow mustard, pickle, poppyseed bun

Barbie Dog $3.49
Frankfurter, barbeque sauce, smoked bacon, fried onion strands

Folsom Bulldog $3.39 
Frankfurter, mustard, grilled onions, tomato, jalapeno-lime aioli, cilantro

Royale with Cheese $4.09
Juicy stuffed double stuffed burger, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, yellow mustard

Maxwell Street Spicy Polish $4.19
Hickory smoked beef sausage, yellow mustard, grilled onions, sport Peppers, poppyseed bun

The Govna $4.19
Beer bratwurst, Dussledorf brown mustard, grilled onions or sauerkraut, Steamed roll

The Balboa $4.19
Mild Italian pork sausage, marinara, fresh mozzarella, steamed roll

Check ’em out at …

424 E. Bidwell St. Folsom
(916) 984-1003


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