L’Orecchietta, London UK

June 2014

Pizza for lunch.

While working in London a few years ago, I stopped by this bar/restaurant a few times for lunch while working just down the street.

L’Orecchietta is located at 29-30 Wakley Street, London UK, Phone 0207 8330097 Website http://www.orecchietta.com/

At first appearance it did not look like they would have good food here, it was a dark, subdued bar, but they had plenty of table seats and a menu so…

After finally figuring out I needed to order at the bar, I walked up and placed my order.

I was pleasantly surprised by the great quality of the pizza that I ordered and enjoyed it very much.

Lesson learned, never go by appearances only…. this place turned out to be a hidden gem.

This pizza that I got below is made with parma ham with mascarpone cheese. I love wood fired pizza’s and this place makes outstanding pizza’s, highly recommend this restaurant if you’re ever in this part of London.



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