Paula’s Donuts, West Seneca New York

February 2017

Simply put, these were the best donuts I have ever tasted, seriously.. the best.


Established in 1996, Paula’s Donuts is a family owned and operated business.
Their hand cut donuts are baked fresh daily on the premises, the old fashioned way.

I tried a variety of different donuts, all of them very tasty and very fresh.

Excellence is not achieved by cutting corners. Using only the finest quality ingredients, Paula’s goes the extra mile to bring you the very best in donut deliciousness.

Every Paula’s donut has a very special ingredient, something you won’t find in any of the big chain store donuts- they make our hand cut donuts with love!

I could eat a dozen of these donuts in one sitting heh, they are oh so good!


Paula’s Donuts is located at 936 Union Road, West Seneca, New York


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