Road Trip to Tennessee

March 2018

This month marks one year that I’ve been living in Georgia since moving from California, and it’s been great, I still really enjoy living here.

That all said, this week I took my first road trip on the east coast to my next work site.
I drove from my house in Georgia heading up north to Oak Ridge Tennessee.

The following are photos and comments from my road trip to Tennessee.  It was a nice ride, I drove entirely all on backroads, no major highways.

The weather was overcast and a bit drizzly but all in all it was a nice scenic ride. I drove up thru Palmetto, Douglasville, Cartersville and Chatsworth to Benton where I stopped to check out famous Benton’s Smoky Mountains Country Hams, then went onto Sweetwater and into my destination Oak Ridge. The drive was beautiful on the pathway to the smoky mountains. I definitely need to travel here again and see more around this area.

Springtime is coming
Roadside Restaurant
Saw all kinds of vehicles for sale
Shanty town?
Old mural on the side of a service station
Very long coal train going by
Lots of tractors
Old roadside barn sign
Anyone remember when gas as last 1.00 per gallon?
Very old home
Five church signs
Vintage car on the road out front
Typical old town scenery
Nature taking back a home
Fishing at the lake
The Pizza Bus
Welcome to Tennessee

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