Sidecar ride up coast of California Part 7

Back in 2014 I purchased a Russian made Ural Gear Up Sidecar Motorcycle.

This is Day y of our sidecar ride up the coast of California. Last leg of the trip from Monterey to Folsom.

Day 7 – Heading back home

Today was our last day on this adventure; we were going for the final haul across the central California valley to head back to our home in Folsom near Sacramento.

Heading Home

We got up early, packed up the Ural and hit the road.  Left Monterey and headed to Hollister where I gassed up the motorcycle and then headed for the hills to ride over to California’s central valley – which was very warm – 100+ degrees –yoinks!  It was a lot warmer here then it had been for the entire ride up the coast where temps averaged 65-70 degrees.

California Road

Golden Hills

Ronda and the Ural

After riding over the hills, we headed to Turlock for a lunch stop at Dustbowl brewery in their downtown area.  I’ve driven past this town over a hundred times and this is the very first time I ever stopped to see what was here.  Turlock actually has a decent downtown area and the brewery was fantastic! Great service, great beers and great food, we enjoyed our stop here.

Dustbowl Brewery

After lunch we rode up the back roads along the farms and ranches.  In one area there was a very large wetland bird sanctuary. Didn’t see very many birds but it was a wide-open stretch that ran for miles with no stops, no buildings, no nothing.

Near Pardee Resevoir

From the central valley we rode towards the eastern hills along Highway 49 and several other back roads until we finally arrived in Folsom.  We rolled up into our driveway, parked the Ural in the garage and spent the rest of the evening unpacking and checking out all the photos and videos from our adventure.

This was a great first road trip on our new Ural – we’re already looking forward to the next one, which is going to be to our local wine country.

Today’s travels:

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 10.59.29 AM


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