Jalama Beach Campground, Lompoc CA

When we lived in Ojai California and worked in Santa Barbara, my wife and I would take camping trips up the coast at a remote beach campground near Lompoc called Jalama Beach.

It was a great place to camp almost literally on the beach. The area was very remote so it wasn’t crowded back in the good ol’ days and it was easy to head there on a Friday and get a campsite for the weekend. Nowadays it’s a lot busier and harder to get into. It’s first come first served, no reservations.

Jalama Beach Campground – https://countyofsb.org/parks/jalamacamping.sbc

They now rent out cabins on a reservation basis – link here https://www.countyofsb.org/parks/jalamacabins.sbc

There’s a really great hidden gem at the campground – the Jalama Beach Store which sells a very famous and well liked Jalama Burger.


Literally this is the best burger on the planet I’ve ever had at the best location on the planet for a killer burger shack.

This article tells about the burger very well

Cool video about Jalama Beach Campgrounds


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