Night Time Lapse, Nevada

March 2022

Been playing around with my GoPro 9 camera more and more and having fun making all day all night time-lapse videos out in Nevada.

Had a fairly big weather system blowing in the other day so set up my camera to record on a tripod on my porch with a power cord hooked up so it wouldn’t run out of battery power via a nice camera hack using a modified battery compartment door on my gopro that has an opening for the power connection.

Configured the camera to do a night time lapse video overnight of this pending snow storm blowing in. Captured it all and it came out pretty cool. Check it out…

Night time lapse filmed from Dusk 5pm to Dawn 8am, shown in less than 2 minutes.

Check out the scenery going by as the earth moves and a storm blows in.

The stars and planes going by in the sky are my favorite parts, and check out that snow coming down, watch it build up on my buggy, it wasn’t a lot but it was nice to see in the morning.


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