Mt Patterson Off-road Ride, Nevada/California

September 2020

Met up and went for a ride in Nevada a few weeks ago with a bunch of friends out to Mount Patterson in Nevada/California where we rode 85 miles up, over, and around the entire mountain.

The ride took us thru spectacular aspen and pine forests, lots of creek crossings, Lobdell Lake, a few mines including a rock cabin and way up to the top of the mountain thru the tundra.

Made a video of the entire ride, 8+ hours shown in 20 minutes of footage. Twords the end there was a spectacular side by side accident and recovery. Nobody was injured, driver and passenger were ok. The recovery was amazing to see! Check out the video below.

A bit of info about the mountain – Mount Patterson is the tallest mountain in the Sweetwater Range California at 11,673 feet. The Sweetwater Mountain Range lies between Highway 395 in California and Highway 338 (aka Sweetwater Road) in Nevada in the Toiyabe National Forest. 

Located in the Sweetwater Mountains within the Toiyabe National Forest, the scenic road to the summit (with outstanding views) is unpaved. It’s pretty rough and requires using a 4wd vehicle. The peak is accessible from July to October due the snow.

The 360 degrees views from the top are incredible. The road to the summit is an old mining road to Montague Mine Cabin. The area is dotted with many mines, that were active in the 1880s.

New website for Topaz Ranch Estates

I made a website to use as a resource for Nevada Topaz Ranch Estates residents and visitors to find local restaurants, services, and events.

Check it out – or

Numbers Fire, Gardnerville NV

July 9, 2020

Yesterday my buddy Gary drove us off road up to nearby Bald Mountain to to check out the Numbers Fire east of Gardnerville Nevada that has been burning out of control for a few days. While out on the trails he led a fire crew in their truck to the right road to get to the fire front lines.

By this time, two days after the fires had begun, the burned areas had grown to 20,000 acres with zero containment.

We parked about a half a mile away on the north side of Bald Mountain and could see the fire spreading across a ridge across from us that kept getting worse over time as it hit and sparked trees which burned up fast like a gas bomb, crazy. You’ll see it in the video.

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WOW 2020, Nevada

Weekend on the Walker 2020.

Memorial Day weekend off-roading adventure and camp out by the Walker River on a working cattle ranch in Nevada .

Check out the movie I made covering the three day event and rides…

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Northern Nevada, Off-roading Adventure

About a month ago I sold my Ural side car motorcycle and bought a used Polaris Rzr that I’m keeping at a friend’s house in Nevada to use when I visit my place and my good friends there.

This past Memorial Day weekend I was invited to attend “Weekend on the Walker” (WoW), an event held at a private ranch, where we camped and rode many nearby off-road trails exploring the area in our UTV’s or Side by Sides aka dune buggies, rock crawlers, off-road rigs.

I flew out with the misses to Reno and drove to Topaz Ranch to meet up with my friends and get ready to go to the event. Check out the movie I made about it all…

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Off-roading in Nevada

February 2018

Went off-roading with friends last weekend in the local hills of Nevada near Wellington / Lake Topaz / Minden / Carson City.

Started out in Topaz Ranch/Wellington and rode out in two off-road side by side rzrs on back country trails up Minnehaha Canyon and over Bald Mountain to an old house in the middle of nowhere built in the 1800’s and then we rode on and checked out the hot springs along the Carson river.

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Haunted Spiral Staircase, Virginia City NV


Supposedly the Old Washoe Club Hotel in Historic Virginia City Nevada is haunted.

It might be true, the Travel Channel television show “Ghost Adventurers” and SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” have filmed several episodes in the old hotel.

One of many things the hotel has become famous for is it’s unique spiral staircase.


A long dead temptress, named Jeni by bar patrons, lingers near the unusual spiral staircase on the way back to the pool table room.


A sign explains that it was “featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not as being the longest of its kind without a supporting pole.” The staircase was built in the 1870s to provide access to the upper story “Millionaire’s Club.”


Another sign, a pinted piece of paper, notes: “Entrance to Millionaires Club now sealed to prevent fire draft.”


Historic Virginia City Nevada



I’ve been to historic Virginia City Nevada many times before, but always only during the big Street Vibrations motorcycle rally that’s held in nearby Reno.

The motorcycle ride to Virginia City is always fun and the people watching on main street as hundreds of motorcyclists rode up and down the street all day during the rally was always spectacular to see.

On this trip however I got a chance to visit Virginia City on a regular weekend when there was a lot less people and I could actually get around easily and see the many old historic buildings that make up this tiny old western town.

Here’s a mini show below or the sights to see in Virginia City.

I have more stories and photos I’ll be posting soon about this historic town – including a visit to several local historical bars where a lot went down with gambling, drinking and shootings. There is even a crypt in the back of one bar building where bodies were stored
in the late 1800’s during the winters because the ground was too hard to dig graves.

Virginia City is a great town to visit. You’ll learn a lot about western history and how silver (and gold) mining made and broke towns in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.