LeBleu’s Landing, Sulphur LA

March 2018

While driving cross country from California to Georgia several years ago, my wife and I stopped for the night in Sulphur Louisiana where we found a really cool old school traditional Louisiana Cajun Restaurant next door called LeBleu’s Landing.

Read on….

LaBlue’s Landing is in Sulphur LA which is located off of Interstate Highway 10 east of Beaumont Texas and west of LaFayette Louisiana.

We walked from our hotel to the restaurant which was right next door, where we found one big room filled with picnic tables for shared seating which was neat .

Ordered a Crawfish Boil with an appetizer of Boudin Sausages wrapped in bacon.

The servings were huge and massively delicious!

Boudin sausage is made of pork, rice and spices and tastes really really good!

Ended up buying a bottle of unique liquor that was very tasty. Need to find a place that sells and ships Boudin sausages so I can order some to send to my house someday.

This history about LeBlue is very interesting – check it out – https://www.lebleuslanding.com/lebleu-s-history/

Related story – one time while working near New Orleans, I went to Bourbon Street and got a tattoo at a nearby local shop of a crawdad, it’s one of my favorite tatts.

If you’re ever in Sulphur Louisiana be sure to stop by and check out this place, you’ll be happy you did.

LaBlue’s Landing
202 Henning Drive
Sulphur, Louisiana
(337) 528-6900


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