Tower Bridge Bistro – Sacramento

Dining Room
Dining Room

Dining at the Tower Bridge Bistro was literally, one of the best restaurant experiences we’ve had in Sacramento.  My wife and I really enjoy dining out and it’s not often we find a place  like Tower Bridge Bistro that has all the best qualities and attributes of a great restaurant  working together so very well.   (Ambiance, Service, Food).

It was easy to maneuver our way to the restaurant from 50 to J street, to 3rd, then down Capital Mall, with a quick left into the Embassy Suites just before Tower Bridge.  Parking became immediately convenient with on-site valet parking. The restaurant is located inside an Embassy Suites and this hotel chain really knows how to wow its customers with an inviting great lobby that not only has fine art, sculptures and beautiful architectural views, but also many conveniences  and amenities for the hotel guests as well.


The location and views from Tower Bridge Bistro are outstanding as they are located near old town Sacramento,  on the river directly adjacent to the famous Tower Bridge.  Inside, the decor is very classy with fine woods and stone work thru out.  Beautiful views from nearly every table are afforded by the floor to ceiling glass walls that look out to river and the bridge.  We can’t wait to go back during the summer to dine on their outdoor patio.

We were greeted and seated immediately and met by our waiter David, who proved to be a very knowledgeable and gracious gentleman who made our dining experience all the better with his culinary knowledge, fast service and excellent recommendations including wine pairings.

After ordering some wine and perusing the menu we decided on a few items and entree’s to share together so we could get a good sampling of what Tower Bridge Bistro had to offer.


The French onion soup, the roasted quail and spinach salad, the scallop and shrimp appetizers , the seared duck breast and beef tenderloin entree’s and even the decadent chocolate mousse dessert that we tried were all prepared to perfection,  and exceeded our expectations.  All the ingredients were fresh and colorful and the sauces and sides were well thought out and worked very well together.  Everything we tasted was  top notch.  Our compliments to the chef!  We cannot say enough how excellent all the food was that we were served.

I highly recommend trying the scallops appetizer, the French onion soup, and the beef tenderloin, but really, no matter what you order, I am sure it will taste great.

To summarize our experience at the Tower Bridge Bistro:  the location is great, the ambiance fantastic, service excellent  and the food outstanding.

We have found a new favorite restaurant in Sacramento and we plan to go back often.

Visiting Tower Bridge Bistro in Sacramento

It is with great anticipation that we will soon be visiting the Tower Bridge Bistro restaurant in downtown Sacramento (tomorrow).

A good friend of ours, Clay Purcell is the executive chef, and based on the many good things we’ve heard about this restaurant, he has apparently done a fine job of building up a very nice high quality restaurant menu that is enjoyed by many locals and visitors in the area.

If and when you’re ever near downtown Sacramento, be sure to visit the Tower Bridge Bistro. The restaurant’s information and menu’s can be found on their web at

Later this week we’ll be sure to post a full foodie report with photos!

Seeing the Space Shuttle, Coco Beach FL

This is an actual photo that I took of the Space Shuttle about 18 years ago.

I was asked to go to NASA Cape Canaveral in Coco Beach Florida to work on some network troubleshooting and repairs and I ended up working onsite in the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) where I got to see the Space Shuttle being setup and put onto the giant mover that rolls the shuttle from the VAB out to the launch site 3 miles away.

Earlier in the week I drove out to the launch site to see the shuttle all setup on the rocket ready to go – I need to find those photos to post those someday.

Later in the week I was invited to watch the launch and got to see it closer then even the media is allowed to go.

On the Sunday before the launch I got asked if I’d like to go up on the rocket gantry/tower and check out the Shuttle up close and personal – heck yes! They outfitted me in a jumpsuit and taped up the wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs to prevent anything from falling onto the shuttle and I was not allowed to carry anything with me other then my camera.

Went up the elevator and got to walk out and look DOWN on the shuttle – it was scary, there were no safety rails to keep you from falling so I carefully inched my way out to the edge and took this photo of the shuttle looking down on it.  I wish it was more in focus but I imagine my hands were a bit shaky while trying to not fall and take the photo at the same time.

I’ve taken thousands upon thousands of photos over the years and this photo I took below remains one of my all time favorites. I’m glad I got to see the shuttle program while it still existed.