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My travel theme song

This feels like my travel theme song at times, it sure hits home. “Little Wanderer” by the band Death Cab for Cutie

Gratzi, Ann Arbor MI

January 2018 While working in Ann Arbor Michigan this past January, my customer recommended several times that my co-workers and I head to downtown Ann Arbor to try a local favorite Italian restaurant, and so of course we went, gotta eat right? 🙂

24 Hours in Venice Italy

I was working in Amsterdam this past summer and had to stay over for a weekend waiting on parts to arrive for my work so during the time I took a quick plane ride to Venice Italy on Saturday and explored as much as… Continue Reading “24 Hours in Venice Italy”

It’s about cheeses on a rainy day

It’s been raining here in Northern California for the past several days. The skies have been dark, the breezes chilly, and the rain keeps coming and going as the storms roll by overhead. Perfect weather for enjoying some wine and cheese for a weekend lunchtime feast.… Continue Reading “It’s about cheeses on a rainy day”

Ristorante Savini, Amsterdam NL

While working in Amsterdam I dined out nightly at the local restaurants.  There were many great ones to choose from, all featuring authentic dishes to their ethnicity – it was foodie nirvana! This night I dined outside at an Italian restaurant called Ristorante Savini,… Continue Reading “Ristorante Savini, Amsterdam NL”

Chicago Italian Beef and Dogs

Chicago Food Extravaganza! Last year, my family and I flew to Chicago for our son’s graduation from Navy boot camp. It was a very nice ceremony and he got some time off so we headed into Chicago to check it out. There were a… Continue Reading “Chicago Italian Beef and Dogs”

The Golden Cadillac Drink, created at Poor Red’s

Poor Red’s, Home of The Golden Cadillac After a fun day of riding my motorcycle in the local hills with my wife, we like to stop by a small historic western tavern in the town of El Dorado called Poor Red’s where we enjoy… Continue Reading “The Golden Cadillac Drink, created at Poor Red’s”

World’s Best Pizza

What is it about pizza that makes us love it so much? Is it the savory cheeses, the pliable crust or the aromatic sauce? Perhaps it’s the customizable nature of the treat. Each pizza is different; across the country — the world, even —… Continue Reading “World’s Best Pizza”