It’s about cheeses on a rainy day

It’s been raining here in Northern California for the past several days.
The skies have been dark, the breezes chilly, and the rain keeps coming and going as the storms roll by overhead. Perfect weather for enjoying some wine and cheese for a weekend lunchtime feast.

We hopped in the car and went to our local Nugget Grocery Store to get the ingredients for our “cheese plate special”. Now this is not an advertisement for The Nugget, but it is a really nice grocery store. Quality unique healthy products, excellent selections and outstanding service.


We picked up the following ingredients and made up a nice cheese and meat plate consisting of sliced and toasted French Rustic Baguette (Fresh Baked), Castelvetrano Green Olives (Napa) , Marcona Almonds (Spain), freshly sliced Prosciutto di parma (Italy), and the following tasty cheeses: Gorgonzola Dolce (Sonoma), Brie de Nangis Rouzaire, Oscar Wilde Cheddar Poets and Writers, and Double Cream Extra Creamy Cheese (Holland).

The cheeses sliced and ready. The gorgonzola was perfectly tangy and tasty, the brie was outstanding and went with everything, the cheddar sharp and nutty and the double cream tasty and smooth.


The best mix is putting the brie and prosciutto on a slice of toasted baguette.




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