Chinese Food in Folsom, Part 1 – T2 Yan

T2 Yan is a nice Chinese restaurant located in the city of Folsom on Riley Street at the Walmart shopping area in one of the outlying buildings.

The ambiance is very cool and has a tropical Chinese theme to it with subdued lighting that makes for a nice dining experience. In addition to the good food they also have a full bar.

The service and food are both very good at this restaurant, it’s what you’d expect for traditional Chinese cuisine with a few extra specialties including a fresh lobster tank.

We’ve been going to this place regularly since they opened several years ago and we recommend you try them some time soon too.

1010 Riley St., #1, Folsom, Ca.
(916) 983-5275



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  1. estivalpoet says:

    Good lord, this food porn is incredible.


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