Boxing Bear Brewing, Albuquerque NM


August 2016

While working in New Mexico on a recent business trip, I once again sought out a decent local restaurant to grab dinner for the night.

On the advice of a co-worker who lives locally, I found out about a place called Boxing Bear that came with good recommendation –  so off I went to check out this local brewery/pub.

Boxing Bear Brewing is located at 10200 Corrales Rd NW, Albuquerque NM. Phone 505-897-BEAR (2327) Website


The brewery is setup at the end of a mini mall in a nice corner location. The brewery and pub are very nice and spacious and they have a really cool patio that sits near the banks of the Rio Grande River.

It was a hot summer day today so I went inside for the cool air conditioning and cold beers.

I sat at the bar and ordered a beer sampler (shown below with list of beers) and had a good time talking with the beer tenders and brewers about the Great American Brew Festival that is coming up in a couple months. It’s always a blast talking about beers and hearing the thoughts of local established brewers who really know their stuff about beers.


Enjoyed a nice Ambear Ale (pictured at top) and an Al’bear’querque Turkey Paninin (pictured below). No kidding those were really the names of the beer and sandwich heh.

Everything tasted great, the atmosphere was nice and the service excellent. Definitely will come back again when I’m in the area next time.



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