Motorcycle Ride, LaGrange GA

February 2018

This weekend I finally had some time to fire up my motorcycle and go for a real ride.

For the first time since I moved to Georgia, I went on a 100+ mile motorcycle ride.
Heck, I just realized, this is actually the first “big” ride I’ve ever done on the east coast.

There are roads leading in almost every direction from where we live. So I got online, looked at google maps and picked the town of LaGrange for the destination. It was near a large body of water called West Point Lake that I thought would be cool to check out for possible future campsites.

Main Street LaGrange

It had been a balmy 74 degrees the day before so I figured it would be another good day of weather today, oops.

It turned out to be in the low 60’s and rained off and on the entire ride, and of course I didn’t wear or bring a rain coat or heavy jacket of any kind so it got cold and wet at times, but that was my own fault for not planning for the weather better d’oh.

The weather actually wasn’t too horribly bad and the rains didn’t last for long so we just pushed on and kept on riding.  What’s a little wind and water right?

Raindrops Keep Falling

I had mapped out the ride route all on back roads – entirely avoiding nearby highway 85 which would be faster but far less scenic.

There were several options for riding but I chose some roads that just dead ended into the next road that I’d need to take, making it fairly easy to navigate all the way there (without a gps).

I’m still figuring my way around between all these trees here and didn’t want to get lost.  The plans worked out pretty good… at least I didn’t get lost 🙂

Pops Grocery – Check out that Walking Dead advertisement

On the way out of our town we headed towards a tiny blip on the map called Corinth taking Corinth Road all the way there from Newan.

Once there at the main crossroads (photo above),  we stopped to get some water at a small grocery store and gas station called “Pops Grocery” at Corinth Road and 100.

From there we headed further down the same road which changed names to Hammette Road and took that to Mobley Bridge Rd and turned right to head towards West Point Lake.

Unfortunately it started to rain fairly heavily at this time so we didn’t make any stops at the lake and headed straight into LaGrange to stop and warm up.

Legacy Museum on Main Street LaGrange

Once we got to the town of LaGrange, we headed to Main St, parked the bike and had lunch at Brickhouse Grill.

It was a cool restaurant, nice cold beer and good food. This made a good destination and stop, we will have to come back and see more in the town next time. There was some interesting history located here.

The ride overall was nice and smooth,. The roads in George, even the back country roads are in good condition (no potholes) and built well – great for motorcycle riding!

LaGrange Radio Station (near Main Street)

On the way home we decided to return via a different route and rode across 109 to the town of Greenville, then up north on Alt 27 and on to 54 all the way home.

The most interesting parts of the ride were seeing the really old houses and farms and buildings in the remote countryside. We also saw some old estates with the giant pillar mansions and large acreage properties, very spectacular to see.

One of these days I’d like to stop and take photos of all the old historical houses there are to see off the beaten paths out here in Georgia. There’s some great history and classic architecture in those old houses and buildings.

The Meriwether County Courthouse

All in all it was a good day, had a nice ride, and while the weather could have been warmer – this helped me to remember to pack an extra jacket in the bike next time!

Thanks for reading! Cheers!



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