Breaking Bad, Albuquerque New Mexico

While working in Albuquerque New Mexico a few years ago I went in search of the filming locations for a favorite show of mine called Breaking Bad.

I easily found all the filming location sites via a city website page that was perfect for helping find all the familiar spots from the show.

If you were a fan of Breaking Bad or are a fan now of the pre-show called Better Call Saul then you’ll recognize all of these locations.

Saul’s Office Door (it’s still there, the owners kept the door intact)
Site of Saul’s Office. On the show there was an inflatable Statue of Liberty on top of the building about where the windmill is located in this photo.
Mike’s work location in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul
Chuck’s House (Saul’s brother). If you are watching Better Call Saul, this house was burned down (not for real) in Season 4, episode 1.
Location of Saul’s original office inside the nail salon.

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