Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ, Birmingham AL

I’ve tried BBQ restaurants at many cities during my travels and I’ve tried many different BBQ styles (dry, wet, and all the rest). I’ve waited in a line for over 6 hours to get BBQ at a famous spot (another story). Needless to say, I really like BBQ!

While working in Birmingham Alabama last year, my co-workers who were familiar with the area recommended we go to a restaurant called Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ, so of course I had to go check it out….

Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ restaurant is a chain restaurant with locations in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and more including Colorado. Have to say I’m not normally a fan of chain restaurants but this one turns out is pretty good.


There are several Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ restaurants located in Birmingham, check out their website for one near you. http://www.jimnnicks.com/

I had the turkey which was good, I dislike it when it’s all dried out, but the servings here were nice and moist and tasted great with their in-house BBQ sauce. They also had my two favorite sides, collard greens and mac n cheese – mmm mmm good!

The menu has all the typically good BBQ options and they even had a burger with my name on it heh!


Like I said, I’m not usually a fan of chains, but I have to give two thumbs up for Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ Restaurant.