Fresh Oysters, Bodega Bay CA

Oysters are good both raw and cooked but oysters are also a love or hate thing, you either like them or you really dislike them. There seems to be no in-between heh!

Personally I prefer to have cooked oysters but raw oyster shooters are good too!

The best oysters I’ve ever had were at Bodega Bay California while on a camping trip.

While on a camping trip with friends over the 4th of July weekend a few years ago, we met up with some campers who had just gotten back from fishing on the bay and they had a couple of buckets of fresh oysters that they wanted to share, that was nice!


The couple prepped the oysters and put them on their grill, it all looked really good as seen in the photos.

IMG_9926 copy

We had an awesome oyster fest that evening, my favorites were the butter and garlic versions, but they were all oh so good!



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