Ferrara Bakery, New York NY

New York City is a town like no other.

The hustle and bustle of the city is like being in another world, in both the future and in the past. It’s wild and weird. It’s business and art. It’s many things to many people.

It’s also not for everyone, the town can be pretty hectic and stressful at times. There are a lot of people living and working in a very crowded vertical world.

But once you learn and deal with getting around it’s not so bad.
It’s good to know how to get around, including using only your own two feet because there’s a lot to see in the big city of New York.

While working in the city on a trip there last year, an Italian well versed wine and foodie friend of mine told me I needed to go check out Ferrara and get a cannoli.
Mission accepted!


I hopped in a cab and had the driver take me to Little Italy where Ferrara’s can be found.

When we arrived I was in awe when I first saw the place, Ferrara’s is dessert heaven! I’d get one of every single thing they sell if i could, it all looked so good!


Ferrara’s is located at 195 Grand Street, NYC.  Website: http://www.ferraranyc.com/


I tried both a regular and chocolate covered cannoli and they were outstanding!


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  1. Brett says:

    my old stomping grounds. glad you found this gem. both an epic and historic place.


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