Accomplice Beer Company, Cheyenne Wyoming


January 2020

Last year at this time (2019) I flew into Denver airport in Colorado to arrive for my gig that week.

It was cold as heck outside, I hopped on the rental car bus and went to pick up my car where I then proceeded to drive 100 miles north to Wyoming.  I arrived in Cheyenne and located my hotel where I would be staying for a week while working nearby at a customer site.

There are not a whole lot of choices for restaurants to dine out in this small town but what they have is pretty good.  One restaurant I found and enjoyed was Accomplice Beer Company which is a happening brewery in downtown Cheyenne.


This is a very unique brewery with pay-as-you-pour self serve that was very interesting.

How it works is you get a card when you check in to the brewpub and you use it when you pour  yourself a beer. Insert the card into a slot on a display to activate the tap and it tracks how much beer you pour yourself throughout your stay.

When finished, bring your card to the register and pay by the total.

This is the first place I had ever seen this self serve beer automation – have seen more since.

It’s kinda cool and fun to pour your own beers and it’s always interesting to read the beer info on the displays above each tap, found that to be informative and helpful for making choices.



I tried several beers and had a pizza for dinner. It was all very good. Ended up going back there again while on my business trip out, two thumbs up for this place.

The Accomplice Beer Company serves beer in Cheyenne, Wyoming where they have seven signature beers, three seasonal styles and four guest taps and change their beers on tap periodically.

If you find yourself in Cheyenne anytime, be sure to stop by Accomplice Beer Company!


115 West 15th Street
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001


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