Carter Bar & Kitchen, Amsterdam NL

While working in Amsterdam a few years ago I had the pleasure of dining at some great restaurants, there were many to be found.

One place I really enjoyed was called Carter Bar & Kitchen.

Read on…

Located at Valeriusstraat 85-H, 1071 MG Amsterdam, Netherlands, Carter Bar & Kitchen was a neighborhood favorite that had an amazing menu with outstanding selections.

I ordered the chefs choice dinner at this small off the beaten path bistro which was located a few blocks from my hotel.

The starter was Tuna Tartar


Entree Beef Ribeye


Dessert Strawberry Gelato Special with Espresso.


Espresso and crisp.


Had dinner there after work at 11pm, the place was open til 3am. I never see that anyway (other than maybe a Waffle House heh!).


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