Sidecar ride up coast of California Part 5

Back in 2014 I purchased a Russian made Ural Gear Up Sidecar Motorcycle.

This is Day 5 of our sidecar ride up the coast of California. We stayed in Cambria at Moonstone Beach and hung out and rode around and explored the local area for the day.

Day 5 ~ Hanging out in Cambria

The prior evening we decided to stay in Cambria a little longer and so we added another night to our hotel stay and slept in.  We got up late, had breakfast at the hotel and then made our plans for the day.

Sebastian's Store, San Simeon

We decided to ride back up the coast to Sebastian’s Store, which is a deli, store and winery.  It’s also one of the oldest stores on the central coast, originally built in 1852. Here we would buy some lunch, then go somewhere to have a picnic.

Deli Menu

We checked out the store (which had some nice interesting items) and we tried and purchased a few of the Hearst wines. They actually had some really good wines, which we found we enjoyed a lot.  For lunch we decided on getting the deli’s Hearst local ranch beef sandwiches that were out of this world delicious and huge! After standing in a fairly long line to place our order, we later received our sandwiches, then packed up our food and rode out on the Ural to check out a few parks and vistas along the oceanfront.  We ended up stopping at a place where we had our picnic lunch at a table on the bluffs over-looking the beach.

San Simeon Pier

At this park we met a guy named Dan, who was a retired psychiatrist from Manhattan NYC who had recently moved here to Cambria.  He was out walking his dog which was a cool little pooch that looked like a mini Doberman but it was something different – forgot the breed name but he said they were rare and he told us all about the breed and how he got it after a long wait.  He told us that this dog was his service dog as he was a Vietnam Vet with PTSD. Really cool guy, talked with him for a while, funny thing was he looked a lot like Tommy Chong.


While we were eating our lunch we noticed several people walk up to the Ural and take photos of it.  One guy even took close up pictures of it with several different lenses for a while.  It was cool to see people interested in the bike, more UDF.

From here we headed back to the hotel to unload the bike and check out some GoPro videos we had just filmed.  It is our first attempts at making videos on this bike so we don’t know if we’re doing it right yet, but we are learning a lot. There will be some video clips posted soon.

We decided to head into downtown Cambria to walk around and check out the place.  As I was getting on my bike to leave the hotel, a guy ran over from across the street on the boardwalk by the beach to ask me about the Ural – turns out he is the national president of the antique motorcycle club. We talked for a while about the Ural and he told me about his club and the vintage bikes he owns and he gave me his card.  That was an interesting individual. He literally saw the Ural and ran out his way to see it and talk about it. I really enjoy meeting people like this at random; the bike seems to be a magnet for all kinds of different and interesting folk.

After riding into Cambria we parked the bike then strolled up and down the block to see what there was to see.   We stepped into a winery called Black Hand Wines and sampled several of their wines. Ronda and I had a good time with the gal who was pouring the tastings. She was hilarious.  We bought a couple of bottles and continued walking down the street checking out the town.

Cambria Brewery

Down the road we turned and walked off the main street and went to Cambria Brewery to try out their beers. Ronda and I shared the beer sampler and after a while two guys walked in – both short, both with very long hair – they looked a lot like Jay and Silent Bob. We hung out for a while and they told us all about their road trip from San Francisco heading towards LA and all the places they went and the people they met.  During their travels they met some interesting people too and had some pretty good stories. We hoisted a few beers together and had a good time; we had become a part of each other’s road trip, got to luv the fun that can be found by wandering around and meeting people.

People we met at the brewery

We left the guys at the brewery and went back to main street to a few shops where we bought a few things. We then got the Ural, packed up our purchases and rode up to Nitwit Ridge to check out the bizarre house up there that was built by hand with scrap materials over many years.

Nitwit Ridge House

After leaving downtown Cambria we rode back out to Moonstone Drive and headed to the hotel.  Later we went back to the Moonstone Grill for dinner then returned to the hotel for some vino while watching a beautiful sunset.

Sunset in Cambria



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