Travels in China

Back in 1999 I was sent to Beijing China by my company to train a few local companies how to use and sell our computer storage products.

China is a place I would have never gone on my own, never ever had a desire to see the country. Being sent for work brought on a whole new outlook.

The trip turned out to be one of the most fascinating I’ve ever been on. Going to another country completely immerses one in the local culture and traditions which can be a very interesting experience. I was really glad to get to see China.

While there I was assigned a translator to take me around and show me the town. Went to and explored Tieneman Square, The Forbidden Palace, The Ming Tombs and the Great Wall. Also went to dinner and had the famous Peking duck dish – it was outstanding.

I’ll be posting more photos of the places I saw over the next few weeks but for now here is a video I made of the trip that’s 20 minutes long. It’s one of my first travel videos I ever made so pardon the potato quality.


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