How Much Sugar Really Is in Food?

Good article from Gizmodo

Sugar is sweet, sugar is delicious, sugar is lovely but sugar can be so terribly bad for you. How much sugar is in foods and drinks you love? Like a soda or orange juice or cereal or even baked beans? Sugar is everywhere! That white cocaine powder adds up. BuzzFeed made a video visualizing the actual grams of sugar in each food and to see the actual snuff is dizzying. Fruit Loops over “healthy” cereal everyday now!


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  1. Ani Danelz says:

    While unsettling, not entirely shocking. It is unfortunate how much sugar has been added to food, sometimes turning something potentially healthy into something much worse. Go all natural, unprocessed foods! The only way to avoid all that sugar and chemicals.


  2. Kenny says:

    Stuff like this always blows my mind. Corn is the other one. Corn is in absolutely everything. Great post!


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