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Carter Bar & Kitchen, Amsterdam NL

While working in Amsterdam a few years ago I had the pleasure of dining at some great restaurants, there were many to be found. One place I really enjoyed was called Carter Bar & Kitchen. Read on…

B&W Photography, Amsterdam NL

Photography is my art. I love taking photos and trying to compose a nice scene to make a subject look interesting. Most of my photography is of buildings and places but I like to take pictures of almost anything that I think really captures… Continue Reading “B&W Photography, Amsterdam NL”

Lunchcafe Blom, Amsterdam NL

August 2013 One day for lunch I was walking thru the local streets in Amsterdam for a while before I came upon a cafe who’s entire front side of the restaurant was opened up making it a sort of an inside/outside restaurant which was… Continue Reading “Lunchcafe Blom, Amsterdam NL”