Lunchcafe Blom, Amsterdam NL

August 2013

One day for lunch I was walking thru the local streets in Amsterdam for a while before I came upon a cafe who’s entire front side of the restaurant was opened up making it a sort of an inside/outside restaurant which was cool to see and made for a really nice ambiance.

Lunchcafe Blom is located at Nieuwendijk 117-119, 1012 MD Amsterdam NL. Phone 020-6246026  Website:

For a good cup of coffee, cappuccino or espresso, a nice lunch and the best sandwiches, and even an English breakfast check this place out.

Everything was made fresh from very fresh ingredients.


For today’s lunch I had their club sandwich with smoked salmon, scrambled egg, chive and mayonnaise and to wash it all down I had a lemon soda, not to be confused with lemon-lime soda aka sprite, this was some seriously real bitter lemon soda….not something I’d order again unless I was using it as a mixer.




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