Historic Virginia City Nevada



I’ve been to historic Virginia City Nevada many times before, but always only during the big Street Vibrations motorcycle rally that’s held in nearby Reno.

The motorcycle ride to Virginia City is always fun and the people watching on main street as hundreds of motorcyclists rode up and down the street all day during the rally was always spectacular to see.

On this trip however I got a chance to visit Virginia City on a regular weekend when there was a lot less people and I could actually get around easily and see the many old historic buildings that make up this tiny old western town.

Here’s a mini show below or the sights to see in Virginia City.

I have more stories and photos I’ll be posting soon about this historic town – including a visit to several local historical bars where a lot went down with gambling, drinking and shootings. There is even a crypt in the back of one bar building where bodies were stored
in the late 1800’s during the winters because the ground was too hard to dig graves.

Virginia City is a great town to visit. You’ll learn a lot about western history and how silver (and gold) mining made and broke towns in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.



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  1. June Ortmann Strong says:

    I love this! Traveling is my heart beat. I will definitely follow this page. Love your photography and your historical view as well. Great Job Dave:-)

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