Napoleon Scenic Byway, Gulf Coast Mississippi

August 2019

Did an install at Stennis Space Center last year and one day after work took the following scenic route back to the hotel in Slidell, Louisiana where I was staying.

This was a very interesting road, read on…

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Scenery from Cheyenne and Laramie Wyoming


January 2020

While working in Cheyenne Wyoming last January, I ended up with a rare spare day which I utilized to the best of my ability to go sightseeing around the local area.

Read on for more – lots of photos and several videos included.

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Sun Studio, Memphis TN

January 2018

If you love music, especially rock n roll – then you will one day want to see Sun Studio in Memphis Tennessee where some of the most famous musicians on the planet first recorded and became famous. I was awestruck while visiting this historic building.

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The Tavern, Old Salem North Carolina

February 2014

While working near Charlotte North Carolina I ventured out over a weekend to explore the local area and went to an old historic town called Salem where I had lunch at The Tavern.

Old Salem is very historic. Experience early American history in the unique Moravian settlement of Salem. Original structures, gardens, tours, artifacts, hands-on workshops, fun family events and shopping

The Tavern is in Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC. This 1816 historical two-story building still has the design of years past with the kitchen in the basement and intimate dining rooms on the first and second floor.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial, Austin Texas

March 2015

I’m a huge fan of Stevie Ray Vaughn. To me, he’s one of the greatest guitarist songwriters to ever live. He had a sound that talked straight to the soul, damn good music. Seeing the memorial to Stevie is a bucket list items for serious fan.

Whenever I work in Austin, I try and get out and walk up and down the scenic river walk that has some great trails going up and down both sides of the Colorado River.

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Murals by Diego Rivera, Palacio Nacional de Mexico

March 2015

One afternoon after finishing up work in Mexico City (a few years back), I dropped off my gear at the hotel, called an Uber car and hopped in and headed to the city center at the main plaza to check out some of the local history in the area.

I had heard and read a lot about all the things to see in and around Mexico City and was fascinated by the history to be found there that dated back hundreds of years.

While walking around the plaza that afternoon, I went inside the Palacio Nacional de Mexico where  I was fortunate to see the famous murals created by Diego Rivera.

These murals are rich in Mexico’s deep history and very fascinating to visit and view.

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Georgia Day Trip

July 2017

I recently moved from California to Georgia with my family a few months ago and have been busy getting unpacked, settled and set-up for a while now.  Turns out moving cross-country is a lot more work than I originally anticipated!

This past weekend we finally had a chance to relax and get out and explore the local area so we headed out for a drive between the many trees to see what we could see in this vast sea of greenery.

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Erie Canal, Lockport New York


October 2016

I’ve driven across New York a couple of times for work over the past year and in between all the cities and trees along the highways during the drive I always noticed the signs for canal locks and became very curious about this canal that runs east-west across the state of New York.

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B&W Photography, Amsterdam NL

Photography is my art.

I love taking photos and trying to compose a nice scene to make a subject look interesting.

Most of my photography is of buildings and places but I like to take pictures of almost anything that I think really captures the look and feel of a person, place or thing.

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Teotihuacan Pyramids, Mexico City Mexico


August 2016

While working in Mexico City Mexico I had an extra day in town and since it was my first time ever to Mexico I was compelled to do some exploring and had heard from a friend about some nearby ancient pyramids from a civilization that pre-dated the Aztecs by over 500 years.

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Haunted Spiral Staircase, Virginia City NV


Supposedly the Old Washoe Club Hotel in Historic Virginia City Nevada is haunted.

It might be true, the Travel Channel television show “Ghost Adventurers” and SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” have filmed several episodes in the old hotel.

One of many things the hotel has become famous for is it’s unique spiral staircase.


A long dead temptress, named Jeni by bar patrons, lingers near the unusual spiral staircase on the way back to the pool table room.


A sign explains that it was “featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not as being the longest of its kind without a supporting pole.” The staircase was built in the 1870s to provide access to the upper story “Millionaire’s Club.”


Another sign, a pinted piece of paper, notes: “Entrance to Millionaires Club now sealed to prevent fire draft.”


Historic Virginia City Nevada



I’ve been to historic Virginia City Nevada many times before, but always only during the big Street Vibrations motorcycle rally that’s held in nearby Reno.

The motorcycle ride to Virginia City is always fun and the people watching on main street as hundreds of motorcyclists rode up and down the street all day during the rally was always spectacular to see.

On this trip however I got a chance to visit Virginia City on a regular weekend when there was a lot less people and I could actually get around easily and see the many old historic buildings that make up this tiny old western town.

Here’s a mini show below or the sights to see in Virginia City.

I have more stories and photos I’ll be posting soon about this historic town – including a visit to several local historical bars where a lot went down with gambling, drinking and shootings. There is even a crypt in the back of one bar building where bodies were stored
in the late 1800’s during the winters because the ground was too hard to dig graves.

Virginia City is a great town to visit. You’ll learn a lot about western history and how silver (and gold) mining made and broke towns in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.