Cafe Las Pupusas, Barstow CA

February 2016

While driving across the southern California desert highway just outside of Las Vegas, returning home on a road trip from Austin Texas, my buddy and I found ourselves in Barstow at lunch hour so it was time to find a place to chow.

I busted out my trusty iPhone and searched thru a few apps to see what restaurants out here in almost the middle of nowhere could be found.  Much to my surprise I located one very highly rated place not too far down the road from where we were.


We got off the highway and headed into a neighborhood near a train yard. Seemed odd but sometimes you just gotta follow the GPS and see where it takes you. (fingers crossed). The restaurant was built in what looked to be a former house. The decor and layout was  simple but homey and very comfortable needless to say.

Cafe Las Pupusas is located at 224 N 7th Ave. Barstow, CA 92311
Phone (760) 256-3451, Website


The lady’s working at the restaurant were friendly and helpful. This was my first time trying pupusas so I ordered two different kinds to try tasting a little bit of variety.  I ordered one with chicken and the other with cheese.


These pupusas tasted great! The tastes, textures and flavors blended perfectly together. Of the two I tried I liked both the chicken and cheese versions equally, they both were very tasty. The best way I can describe them is they are like a stuffed tortilla and there are lots of options for fillings.

Here’s the pupusas menu:

Stuffed corn tortilla pie filled with :
De Maiz / Corn Masa: $2.35 – $2.65
Harina de ARROZ / Gluten Free Rice Masa: add $0.35
Chicharron / Fried pork
Chicharron con Queso / Pork & Cheese
Revueltas / Fried pork, beans & cheese
Pollo / Chicken
Pollo con Queso /. Chicken & Cheese
Pollo con queso y frijoles / Chicken, cheese & beans
Queso / Cheese
Queso con chile Jalapeno
Queso con Loroco / Cheese & Loroco
Queso con Frijol / Bean & Cheese
Frijol / Beans
Additional mixes:
Jalapeno / Serrano
Calabasa / Zuchini


I found I also really enjoyed the sauces and extras that were applied liberally as instructed by my buddy. They were Red and Green sauces (hot and hotter) and pickled lettuce(?).


I was very happy with the food here – two thumbs up, best papusas I’ve ever had 🙂


If you ever find yourself driving thru Barstow and you’re hungry, this is the place go.




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