New York Beer Project, Lockport NY

July 2016

While working in Pennsylvania for a couple of weeks, I drove to upstate New York over the weekend to check out Niagara Falls and visit a friend.


One afternoon after driving around we went out to lunch at a really great new-ish brew pub in the local area that makes their own beer on property, has good food and has an outstanding large facility.

New York Beer Project is located at 6933 S Transit Rd, Lockport, NY Phone (716) 743-6927  Website

The building was huge, this is only half of it in the photo above.

This brew pub was made for hanging out and enjoying beers with friends. It’s got a very nice roomy and cool main area with a wrap around bar, a second story with another bar and numerous places to hang out and play darts too and there is also an outdoor area upstairs as well. It’s a great place for everyone. Lots of elbow room everywhere. This place will hold a lot of people.

The food was good, we had some pizza and wings. The beers were all house made and tasted great. Tried a variety of different flavors, all good beers.




Enjoyed hanging out and trying out the different beers at this joint. Next time I am in the area, I will definitely be back for more !   🙂




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