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El Pinto Restaurant, Albuquerque New Mexico

September 2016 El Pinto Restaurant was voted Best New Mexican Restaurant in Albuquerque New Mexico according to the “Best of City” annual survey conducted by Albuquerque the Magazine.  They’re the local favorite for authentic New Mexican Cuisine.

Fernando’s Costa Del Sol, Cameron Park CA

Having only just tried eating Pupusas for the first time this year while on a road trip thru Barstow, I found I really liked them and I thought I’d never see this type of food again. I was happy to find out I was… Continue Reading “Fernando’s Costa Del Sol, Cameron Park CA”

The Kitchen Restaurant, Sacramento Ca

December 2012 What’s to say that hasn’t already been posted a thousand times already about The Kitchen Restaurant in Sacramento? Simply put, this place is the best. Everything is top notch. It’s spendy but well worth it.

Worthy Brewing, Bend OR

April 2013 In case you were not aware, there are a lot of breweries in Bend, Oregon. 🙂 You’ve probably heard of Deschutes Brewery and maybe 10 Barrel, Good Life, Cascade Lakes Brewing, Boneyard, Solstice, Silver Moon or one of the many other breweries in the… Continue Reading “Worthy Brewing, Bend OR”

Cafe Las Pupusas, Barstow CA

February 2016 While driving across the southern California desert highway just outside of Las Vegas, returning home on a road trip from Austin Texas, my buddy and I found ourselves in Barstow at lunch hour so it was time to find a place to… Continue Reading “Cafe Las Pupusas, Barstow CA”

Al’s Italian Beef, Chicago IL

December 2012 My uncle JD is a life long Chicagoan and gave us a tour of Chicago a few years ago and for lunch one day he took us all to famous Al’s #1 Italian Beef. Stepping inside was like stepping back in time… Continue Reading “Al’s Italian Beef, Chicago IL”

Yard Pizzeria, London UK

August 2013 After work, on another hunt for a local restaurant in London, I went searching for a few highly rated place to have dinner.  Unfortunately the place was so crowded there was a line out the door and down the block – damn… Continue Reading “Yard Pizzeria, London UK”

Franklin BBQ, Austin Texas

There’s BBQ, then there’s GREAT BBQ.  Franklin BBQ at 900 E 11th Street in Austin Texas is legendary for it’s famous smoked BBQ Brisket and Ribs and they are in the list of top 50 best BBQ’s in the world. Click below for short clip… Continue Reading “Franklin BBQ, Austin Texas”

Steak n Shake Restaurant

While in Las Vegas on a recent vacation, my family and I dined in our casino/resort at a restaurant called Steak n Shake.  I hear they are famous?  This was the first time we had heard of the place and since we were in the mood for burgers… Continue Reading “Steak n Shake Restaurant”

Fish Central, London UK

On my first night in London, I was beat. After a long 25 hour day of traveling (from the time I left my house until I arrived at my hotel in London), I was beat and ready for dinner. I knew of a couple… Continue Reading “Fish Central, London UK”

Beers and Pubs in Amsterdam

I recently traveled to Amsterdam for work during June and again in July and found the food and dining there to be absolutely outstanding!  So many choices of great food and beverages were to be found everywhere all within walking distance while staying at… Continue Reading “Beers and Pubs in Amsterdam”

Water Grill in Los Angeles

I had the extreme pleasure of dining at the Water Grill in Los Angeles on company business while in Southern California this past week. The ambiance, service and food were absolutely fantastic.  The best way to describe this restaurant is to refer to their website… Continue Reading “Water Grill in Los Angeles”