House of Bols Experience, Amsterdam NL

August 2013

While visiting a few art museums in Amsterdam during a past trip, I found this interesting place across the street from where I was at and had to go over and check it out….


House of Bols is located at Paulus Potterstraat 14 1071 CZ Amsterdam, NL. Phone +31 20 5708575  Website


Here’s the description from their website:

House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience

A visit to The House of Bols, Cocktail & Genever Experience on the Museumplein square in Amsterdam, is a unique adventure and an unforgettable interactive experience of the glamorous world of cocktails, liqueurs, bartending and the Dutch spirit Genever. At the House of Bols you will find all about Lucas Bols – the world’s oldest distilled spirit brand, which has been making liqueurs in Amsterdam since 1575! You will also discover Bols Genever – Holland’s rediscovered cocktail spirit, which dates back to 1820.


Explore your senses

House of Bols takes you on a spectacular journey through flavours, aromas, images, sound and film. The tour incorporates the Hall of Taste, where you will discover all 38 Bols liqueurs and how they are made, the Delfts blue room, the World of Cocktails ‘club’ and the mysterious Bols Genever Room.


The tour ends in the revolutionary Mirror Bar, where bartenders mix your preferred Bols Genever and liqueur cocktail before your very eyes.

It was an interesting experience , all the sights and smells and at the end of the tour, a nice drink.  Great tour, great product experience.  Cheers!






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