Fernando’s Costa Del Sol, Cameron Park CA

Having only just tried eating Pupusas for the first time this year while on a road trip thru Barstow, I found I really liked them and I thought I’d never see this type of food again.

I was happy to find out I was wrong about that.

A friend of mine recently informed me that there is a Salvadorean restaurant about 12 miles from where I lived that served pupusas.

So I had to go check it out.

Fernando’s Costa Del Sol restaurant is located at 2650 Cameron Park Drive, Cameron Park, CA. Phone Phone number (530) 676-4460  Website http://www.fernandoscostadelsol.com/

The place is low key and located in the back corner of a mini mall parking lot. The ambiance inside is nice and they have an outdoor patio too.

I had gotten there early-ish so there was no wait and only 2 other tables with people.

Service was good. I liked that they had Salvadorian beers so I tried the Suprema and it was  a nice well rounded pilsner type of beer, tasty and went down well.


For food I of course had to order the pupusas. I had a pork and cheese one and a chicken and cheese one and they were both good. The plate came with black beans and rice and Salvadoran lettuce.


I was amazed at the low prices, most all dishes were under $10 and most all beers were $3.50, including the imports. When’s the last time you saw any beer, let alone imported, for less then 5 o 6 dollars?

In addition to a traditional Mexican restaurant menu they also had a very nice El Salvadorean specialties menu that included such items as the pupusa, fried yucca, chiccarones and more.

I rarely leave my city “bubble” as I call it. Everything I need is here so I rarely venture outside the city limits unless it’s for something good. Fernando’s was a 20 minute one way drive from my house but it was worth it.

I’m glad to know now that I can find delicious pupusa’s not too far from my house.


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