Great American Beer Festival, Denver Colorado

Welcome Sign at Denver Airport

October 2016

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is a three-day annual event hosted by the Brewers Association, held in Denver, Colorado. The GABF brings visitors from around the world to sample thousands of different American craft beers.

Getting tickets can be tough, they sell out very fast. This is after all, America’s greatest beer festival and with hundreds of vendors and thousands of attendees it’s easy to see why this beer festival is so large yet sells out quickly every year.

Check out the photos and videos below.

I’ve attended GABF for two years now and plan to attend soon again.

If you are a beer connoisseur, this is the ultimate beer event to experience where you have the opportunity to taste more beers then you could ever encounter in a life time.



Downtown Denver

Denver is a great town, there are lots of things to do both in and outside the city.

For this trip I explored downtown Denver, visited Golden and went to the beer festival.
I really enjoy checking out this town.


It’s always fun exploring Downtown Denver by walking up and down the streets visiting the many cool and fun stores, pubs and other establishments.




The hotels are very nice and there is a famous one named the Brown Palace Hotel which has been there since 1892 and hosted many politicians and celebrities over the decades including Teddy Roosevelt, The Beatles and Bill Clinton among others.

View from upper floor of my hotel
Historic Brown Palace Hotel

While visiting Denver for a the beer festival  it’s worth it to take a  drive out to Golden Colorado and go on a tour of the Coors Beer Factory.

Main Street Golden Colorado
Coors Beer Factory



Here’s a video of the Coors factory line in action…


While in Golden Colorado I visited Barrels & Bottles which was a nice small brewery and beer pub that has a great atmosphere, great service and an outstanding selection of craft beers. If you’re in Golden, stop by and check them out.



At long last the session at The Great American Beer Festival that I had a ticket for was about to open. The line to get in is very long but it moves fast. I had been waiting for this moment for months. Time for the beers to begin flowing…


As usual the festival is sold out every year.


Even the big blue bear could not get in without a ticket…

Denver Convention Center

Here’s a video of the scene after getting thru the long line and finally entering the 2016 Great American Beer Festival with thousands of other beer connoisseurs.

Click to play…

Trying out some beers.

Serving Beer Samples

Everyone enjoying beer tasting.

Sampling Beers
Lots of Beers to try

Beer vendors were from all regions of the USA. My favorites were from California. Firestone Walker is one of my fall time avorites.


Firestone Walker Brewing Company from California

People really get into the event and it’s a blast seeing how far some people go with their costumes celebrating beer drinking.



Here’s to all the great brewers out there that have brought us the many craft beers that we enjoy drinking time and time again.






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