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Quarter Celtic Brewpub, Albuquerque NM

January 2019 New Mexico, Albuquerque specifically, has a lot of breweries. Many have won a lot of awards for the fine beers they produce. One such place that has gotten many awards is Quarter Celtic Brewpub in Albuquerque.

Alien Brewpub, Albuquerque NM

January 2019 One thing about Albuquerque New Mexico that I really enjoy, in addition to the beautiful scenery great food and history, are the many really good brewpubs that have popped up over the years. One such place is called Alien Brewpub.

Great American Beer Festival, Denver Colorado

October 2016 The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is a three-day annual event hosted by the Brewers Association, held in Denver, Colorado. The GABF brings visitors from around the world to sample thousands of different American craft beers. Getting tickets can be tough, they… Continue Reading “Great American Beer Festival, Denver Colorado”

Worthy Brewing, Bend OR

April 2013 In case you were not aware, there are a lot of breweries in Bend, Oregon. 🙂 You’ve probably heard of Deschutes Brewery and maybe 10 Barrel, Good Life, Cascade Lakes Brewing, Boneyard, Solstice, Silver Moon or one of the many other breweries in the… Continue Reading “Worthy Brewing, Bend OR”

Various Pubs, Amsterdam NL

August 2013 I’ve been to Amsterdam numerous times, all for work. I think I know this place pretty well by now. I recently traveled again this year to Amsterdam for work during June and again in July and found the food and dining there… Continue Reading “Various Pubs, Amsterdam NL”

New York Beer Project, Lockport NY

July 2016 While working in Pennsylvania for a couple of weeks, I drove to upstate New York over the weekend to check out Niagara Falls and visit a friend. One afternoon after driving around we went out to lunch at a really great new-ish… Continue Reading “New York Beer Project, Lockport NY”

Brewing at Folsom Tap Craft Beer Fest, Folsom CA

August 2014 My town recently held it’s annual craft beer festival called Folsom Tap that brought in great local craft brewers from all over, and with the price of admission you got unlimited beer tastings, a couple of good bands, and options for food… Continue Reading “Brewing at Folsom Tap Craft Beer Fest, Folsom CA”

Worthy Imperial IPA Beer, Bend OR

While working in Oregon staying in Bend, I found a great locally brewed beer that I liked  while out shopping at a local grocery store. I’ve been to the Worthy brewery many times but this was the first time I’d seen their beers in… Continue Reading “Worthy Imperial IPA Beer, Bend OR”

Canteen Brewhouse, Albuquerque

While on a trip working out in the southwest state of New Mexico, I met up with a  co-worker who works remotely and lives in the nearby area, for lunch one day in the city of Albuquerque. My co-worker had recommended we meet up… Continue Reading “Canteen Brewhouse, Albuquerque”

Sneak Attack Saison

Sneak Attack,  Farmhouse Saison brewed with organic cardamom pods. I happened upon this beer while grocery shopping today and decided to try it out and so I bought a six pack of it. 21st Amendment makes some pretty good beers so I knew it… Continue Reading “Sneak Attack Saison”

How to be a beer snob in one simple chart

Tap Folsom Craft Beer Fest

Tap Folsom Craft Beer Fest in Historic Old Town Folsom California My home town threw a great beer festival this past week and I attended both the first day VIP Beer Brewing with the Brewer Sessions and the second day VIP Access to the Beer… Continue Reading “Tap Folsom Craft Beer Fest”