Crux Fermentation Project, Bend Oregon

September 2016

Whenever I am in Bend Oregon, I try and venture out to visit as many local breweries as I can to have a chance to taste test the beers that are usually always really good.

On a trip last year I visited Crux in Bend, met up with a co-worker and we had a good time sampling several beers.


Crux Fermentation Project can be found at 50 SW Division Street, Bend, OR.


Crux makes a lot of very good beers in many styles; Lager, IPA, Porter, Pilsner, Stout, Saison, Barrel Aged and more. I highly recommend getting a taster sampler to try out several different styles while there. The pub is in the brewery where the actual beer they server is being made and it’s cool to see the brewery setup all around.

Crux is a great place to spend some time hanging out with locals and tourists alike while trying out the beers and having some of the good pub food offerings that pairs nicely with their beers. Highly recommend this place.

Crux Fermentation Project

50 SW Division Street, Bend, OR 97702
(541) 385-3333



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