Poor Boy Lloyds, Baton Rouge Louisiana

April 2013

While working in Baton Rouge Louisiana a few years ago, I went to a great old place in town for classic cajun, creole, southern food and found it when I had lunch one day at a place called Poor Boy Lloyd’s.

I was staying at a hotel in old downtown Baton Rouge, within walking distance to the Mississippi River and to the Louisiana State Capitol building. There’s so much to see locally in that old historic town.

My hotel was fortunately close to where I was working so finding a place for lunch was easier in the downtown location where many places were built to cater to the office crowds.

One of the days for lunch I went to a well known locally recommended restaurant called Poor Boy Lloyd’s Seafood Restaurant, purveyor of “Authentic New Orleans Poor Boys”.

Alligator Sausage Poor Boy Sandwich

Poor Boy Lloy’d has been a Baton Rouge downtown favorite since the 1960’s. It’s very well known and famous and President Obama even ate their once.

The staff is super friendly and the food excellent. Everything look like it tastes great.


For lunch on this day, I tried out their Alligator Sausage Po’ Boy Sandwich with some Root Beer and since it’s one of my all time favorites, I had to try their Pecan Pie.


Two Thumbs Up for Poor Boy Lloyd’s, the place is great with a fantastic ambiance, great staff and great food. Highly recommend you stop by there if you ever find yourself in Baton Rouge.

Location ~ 201 Florida St, Baton Rouge, LA


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