Two years later

January 2022

It’s been almost two years now since the Corona Covid-19 Pandemic hit the world.

I was traveling to Chicago the day the USA got shut down.

The Casino I was going to work at was one of the first types of businesses closed.

My boss had me stay at the airport after arriving and book a flight right back out which I did.

Read on and check out the video…

Went to Nevada to figure how things were all going to work out. While there I stocked up the house with canned food and supplies etc to survive the apocalypse. I was ready.

A week or so later I flew to Georgia.

This was in March 2020.

My friend Gary suggested I make a video of the trip and here it is. It was freaky and uncanny how empty the airports were. It was like being in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Normally these three airports I flew thru are always very busy, but not that day.
(Reno, Salt Lake City and Atlanta)

This was Corona life on the road….

Thanks for watching!


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    Looks like traveling in the middle of the night in the 60″s. And I never noticed any difference in my life back then. Ha!! Yoiu know what they say. If your social life didn’t change during Corona – you got no social life – Well Damnnnnnn!

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