The Tavern, Old Salem North Carolina

February 2014

While working near Charlotte North Carolina I ventured out over a weekend to explore the local area and went to an old historic town called Salem where I had lunch at The Tavern.

Old Salem is very historic. Experience early American history in the unique Moravian settlement of Salem. Original structures, gardens, tours, artifacts, hands-on workshops, fun family events and shopping

The Tavern is in Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC. This 1816 historical two-story building still has the design of years past with the kitchen in the basement and intimate dining rooms on the first and second floor.

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Hopdoddy Burger Bar, Austin Texas

August 2014

There’s burger joints, then there are craft burger joints where the burgers exceed standards and take flavor combinations to a new level.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar in Austin Texas is one of those craft burger places that make you go yum! Read on…

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Poor Boy Lloyds, Baton Rouge Louisiana

April 2013

While working in Baton Rouge Louisiana a few years ago, I went to a great old place in town for classic cajun, creole, southern food and found it when I had lunch one day at a place called Poor Boy Lloyd’s.

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4th of July in Georgia

July 2017

We recently moved from California to the state of Georgia  and found they allow fireworks in the state, this was going to be a good 4th of July this year!

Being big fans of firework shows we were ready to celebrate our first 4th of July in our new state of Georgia, with our own fireworks.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial, Austin Texas

March 2015

I’m a huge fan of Stevie Ray Vaughn. To me, he’s one of the greatest guitarist songwriters to ever live. He had a sound that talked straight to the soul, damn good music. Seeing the memorial to Stevie is a bucket list items for serious fan.

Whenever I work in Austin, I try and get out and walk up and down the scenic river walk that has some great trails going up and down both sides of the Colorado River.

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Paula’s Donuts, West Seneca New York

February 2017

Simply put, these were the best donuts I have ever tasted, seriously.. the best.

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El Pinto Restaurant, Albuquerque New Mexico

September 2016

El Pinto Restaurant was voted Best New Mexican Restaurant in Albuquerque New Mexico according to the “Best of City” annual survey conducted by Albuquerque the Magazine.  They’re the local favorite for authentic New Mexican Cuisine.

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