Cafe Napoli, NYC New York

September 2014 Italian food in little Italy New York City While working in New York City several years ago, I decided to check out little Italy for dinner. Hopped in a taxi cab and took a ride to little Italy where I got out and walked around for a while looking for a nice place…

Wildlife caught on camera

December 2021 Video compilation of local wildlife at night during a week in December a few days after a snowfall.

Memphis TN to Sharpsburg GA

Today’s travels Had some fun tracking todays travels with the app Relive. Started from my hotel in downtown Memphis driving my rental car to the Memphis airport. From there flew to the Atlanta airport then from there got an Uber ride home. Ready for the weekend, cheers!

Salt Lake City to Reno

February 2021 Been experimenting again with my GoPro9 camera’s TimeWarp mode. This time on a Delta Airlines flight from Salt Lake City, Utah to Reno, Nevada. I attached the camera to the plane window with a suction cup mount and recorded the ride out of Salt Lake City. It’s a short 4 minute film and…

Georgia Thunderstorm

Spectacular thunderstorm blew thru our area early this morning, turned night into day with a great light and sound show. Love the sound of thunder cracking in the sky, crank up the volume.

Jalama Beach Campground, Lompoc CA

When we lived in Ojai California and worked in Santa Barbara, my wife and I would take camping trips up the coast at a remote beach campground near Lompoc called Jalama Beach. It was a great place to camp almost literally on the beach. The area was very remote so it wasn’t crowded back in…

Merry Christmas!

Finally got the time lapse video I’ve been trying to get for a while with my GoPro. Sunrise Christmas morning in Nevada, Merry Christmas to all! Cheers!

Ride around the neighborhood

Been playing around with my GoPro 9 and am digging the time warp mode and the results that filming in that mode produces, it’s a pretty cool effect. Here’s a short film I made riding to my friend Gary’s house and back in our neighborhood in Nevada.

Stargazing in Nevada

Dec 2020 The star of Bethlehem was visible this week for the first time in nearly 800 years. The “star” is made up when the planets Jupiter and Saturn align just right to appear as a single very bright star. This is the star that the wisemen followed that famous night on Christmas Eve to…