Sidecar ride up coast of California Part 1

Back in 2014 I purchased a Russian made Ural Gear Up Sidecar Motorcycle.

My wife Ronda and I flew to Southern California and picked up the motorcycle in Los Angeles then rode it up the coast to our home in Folsom in Northern California with many stops along the way. It was one heckuva fun adventure ride!

Here’s the story and photos….

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Camping trip to Silver Lake

Reposting this story from another site I ran about Ural Motorcycles

August 2014

Day 1

We headed out in the middle of the week to take another trip on our new Ural motorcycle sidecar rig. We have owned it for a couple of months now and it’s still a ton of fun getting on it and going for a ride each and every single time.

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Corona Life on the Road

March 2020

Short film of what it was like to fly this past weekend from Reno to Salt Lake City to Atlanta during the coronavirus pandemic.

Seeing airports so empty with most shops and restaurants closed up was like being in the twilight zone. Very bizarre.

Be safe, stay home.

Music credits: Hello, an Adele parody by Chris Mann

Surf City USA

March 2020

Surf City USA is Huntington Beach California where the sun shines often and the ocean brings waves that surfers have been riding for decades.

Some of the best surf can be found near the Huntington Beach pier which is why the US Open of Surfing is held here every year.

Here’s a short video of surfers both young and old riding the waves in style by the pier this week.

Beale Street, Memphis TN

February 2020

“ I boarded the plane. Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues. In the middle of the pouring rain (true story). Then I’m walking in Memphis. Walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale.”   – Marc Cohn

Memphis is one of my top 10 favorite towns to visit. Always enjoy going to famous Beale Street and checking out the local music scene there.

Beale Street is the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock n roll.

Read on for more…

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Ye Olde College Inn, New Orleans Airport

August 2019

Sometimes airport food can be really bad and really expensive.

Once in awhile you find something good.

At the New Orleans Louisiana Airport there are some good restaurants with excellent southern cuisine.

These are kind of places we live to find when traveling. Read on…

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Palmettos on the Bayou, Slidell Louisiana

August 2019

Really enjoyed staying in Slidell Louisiana last year while working at nearby Stennis Space Center across the state line in Mississippi.

Very nice town. Lots of history here and lots of really good local restaurants with great southern cuisine.

One place we went to while there was Palmettos on the Bayou.

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Napoleon Scenic Byway, Gulf Coast Mississippi

August 2019

Did an install at Stennis Space Center last year and one day after work took the following scenic route back to the hotel in Slidell, Louisiana where I was staying.

This was a very interesting road, read on…

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Quarter Celtic Brewpub, Albuquerque NM

January 2019

New Mexico, Albuquerque specifically, has a lot of breweries. Many have won a lot of awards for the fine beers they produce.

One such place that has gotten many awards is Quarter Celtic Brewpub in Albuquerque.

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