Sun Studio, Memphis TN

January 2018

If you love music, especially rock n roll – then you will one day want to see Sun Studio in Memphis Tennessee where some of the most famous musicians on the planet first recorded and became famous. I was awestruck while visiting this historic building.


The guided tour through Sun Studio will immerse you in the living history of American music. The studio and museum are packed with memorabilia to see and are well-worth the price of admission. This is THE birthplace of Rock n Roll as we know it.


The history here is amazing! Sun Studio is the place where Elvis Presley first recorded followed by Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, BB King, Tom Petty, U2 and many others over the years.

Early record recording equipment

This building is an iconic place to visit and hear all the stories of what went on there during recording sessions with the many famous musicians who made records here.

Original recording studio gear

Taking the tour brings you upstairs where there are many displays of original recording equipment that was used in the 1950’s. It was interesting to see this gear. It’s also amazing that our iPhones and Macs have 100x’s more recording capability in a much smaller format now. We sure have come a long ways with technology since these original recording studio days.

A few of Elvis Presley’s guitars on display

There is a lot of Elvis Presley memorabilia on display including his high school diploma, social security card and numerous guitars the king of rock n roll once owned.

Marion Keisker’s desk

This is the reception desk of Marion Keisker who was more instrumental in the business than most people would think. From the Sun Records website:
Marion Keisker  (September 23, 1917 – December 29, 1989), born in Memphis, Tennessee, was a radio show host, station manager, U.S. Air Force officer, and assistant to Sam Phillips at Sun Records. She is best known for being the first person to record Elvis Presley on July 18, 1953. 


Standing in the actual recording studio where so many artists once recorded. Our guide loved his job and made it a fun tour with stories and facts. There is so much music history in this small place, it was incredible to be there in the same spot. (did I mention yet that I was seriously awestruck?) heh.

The Million Dollar Quartet

This photo above of the Million Dollar Quartet hangs in the Sun Studios recording room.

This very famous group that made only one recording during an impromptu jam session included Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.

To hear the actual recording, click here > Million Dollar Quartet Recording

Here’s a photo below of Bono from the famous band U2 later recording in the studio while standing in front of the same photo above.


It felt incredible to be standing in the very same recording studio that so many famous musicians spent a lot of time in while making their soon to be great albums that have been heard by several generations over the decades.


It was felt great to be in the this studio where all those well-known artists once stood and even the exact spot where Elvis, and many others recorded was amazing!

* Check out the X mark behind the microphone pictured above, that’s where all the singers once stood when recording at the studio.

Being allowed to hold the only remaining microphone which was used by so many famous musicians was truly awesome!

Visiting Sun Studios was outstanding and one of the coolest most historical places I’ve ever been.

Music nirvana achieved! 🙂



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