Georgia Day Trip

July 2017

I recently moved from California to Georgia with my family a few months ago and have been busy getting unpacked, settled and set-up for a while now.  Turns out moving cross-country is a lot more work than I originally anticipated!

This past weekend we finally had a chance to relax and get out and explore the local area so we headed out for a drive between the many trees to see what we could see in this vast sea of greenery.

We drove about 45 miles south from Sharpsburg Georgia via a few small country roads to Sprewell Bluff Park in Thomaston where we checked out the Flint River, had a picnic and explored the park.

It’s a nice county park with lots of open space and picnic tables setup along the bank of the river where people were swimming, kayaking, rafting or floating down the slow-moving shallow river. Looked like a lot of fun to be had on this nice warm sunny summer day.

My favorite sight to see while there was this giant duck with a bunch of people slowly floating down the lazy river.


While walking around the park we found a sign that said a Scene from Walking Dead Season 4 Midseason Finale was Filmed Here. Pretty cool! I’m going to have to find that particular episode sometime and check it out.  There is a lot of film business in Georgia and The Walking Dead show on AMC is filmed all over our local area.

wdsign(More info, photos and video about The Walking Dead film locations below)

After we left the park and headed out, we took a small side road and checked out the historic Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge in the tiny town of Woodbury.  This historic bridge was built-in the 1840’s by freed slave and noted bridge builder Horace King. This bridge is the oldest and longest covered bridge in Georgia – it’s over 175 years old.


On the road to the bridge there was an interesting “gate” of sorts that we had to pass thru that is used to check the size of a vehicle to make sure it will fit on the bridge. My sizeable Ford F-250 truck was a tight squeeze but it fit a-ok so we ventured on and I drove thru the old bridge twice (check out the video to see the drive thru the bridge).

After checking out the covered bridge and reading about it’s history, we headed back towards home and stopped at one of several local Fruit Stands we saw along the way.

We finally found Georgia Peaches! We looked around the fruit stand for a bit and of course bought some peaches and plums to make homemade cobbler and more at home later. Yum!

After the stop at the fruit stand we took another side road and headed into the historic town of Senoia which has a very nice old small downtown scene that’s fun to visit and dine at one of the local restaurants – one which is owned by Norman Reedus (Daryl) from The Walking Dead, it’s called Nick and Normans.

Senoia is famous for many films shot on location – such as Driving Miss Daisy, Fried Green Tomatoes, Freejack, Footloose and many more.


Speaking of The Walking Dead, their main filming site is located in the heart of Senoia near the old downtown area. The film lot is surrounded by a tall metal wall (seen on the show). There’s alway lots of fans in the area and walking tours going on touring The Walking Dead film locations which are many all around the Senoia area.

To see more photos and videos of the scenery from our Georgia Day Trip, click on the short video that I made below.

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