Various Pubs, Amsterdam NL

August 2013

I’ve been to Amsterdam numerous times, all for work. I think I know this place pretty well by now.


I recently traveled again this year to Amsterdam for work during June and again in July and found the food and dining there to be absolutely outstanding!  So many choices of great food and beverages were to be found everywhere, all within walking distance while staying at the city center in Amsterdam.


So many cultures and cuisines are represented in Amsterdam, it is a true culture center.

The pub scene is great, bringing people of all walks of life together to enjoy a drink or two.


This is part of a series of articles and photography of restaurants and pubs I visited during my travels to London and Amsterdam in June and July of 2013 and again in 2015 and 2016.
Stay tuned for more!


This place was a favorite hang out after work. It was located on the Dam, a city center from another time. It was a blast to sit here and drink beers and people watch. This city brings in people from all corners of the planet, it’s amazing to see and meet the people out here.

Cheers from Amsterdam!




3 replies to “Various Pubs, Amsterdam NL

  1. Everyone has a preconception of what Amsterdam is like, and i have to say 95% of it was wrong. The food was some of the best i’ve ever had, and there are so many cultural choices available within walking distance, its just overwhelming. I found myself just walking the streets and observing the culture, and people. It really is worth it to visit this place at least once in a lifetime.


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